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you are love(d).

I will rest form blogging here indefinitely...

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Until we meet again;
learn as if you lived forever, live as if there was no tomorrow.

In divine love and sound health!
Your friend

Good vibrations

Hey fantastic you

Today I'm floating... No, I'm flying! I'm ecstatic!!! This happened today (see picture below).


We (me and mister CB of bums.nu) just finished our first four hours of raw food in Vadstena, Sweden. We had a combined uncooking class with a raw food lecture and had the most wonderful blesses food on the planet. For more photos check out this page. And if you're nearby (or like to travel), don't miss our Christmas special on December 6th in Motala, Sweden. Have a merry AND healthy Christmas - don't wait until fter the holidays to start a healthier life. :)

chlorophilled glasses

I feel this is the start of something great and I feel the message I have to speak out loud was expressed by Marky Mark and the funky bunch in their hit Good Vibrations back in 1991;

"And I am here to prove to you
That we can party on the positive side
And pump that positive vibe
So come along for the ride"

Anyway, I feel fanboulous. The response was overwhealming (in a good sense). I have felt very grateful every single moment of today (and very nervous before 11 am) for this coming alive finally. It's a dream come true. A way to give life, to give love, to express my inner self and to reach out an co-create the first steps towards a more sustainable future... with a healthier, clearer and more energetic people.

delicious apple dessert with amazing cinnamon crumbs and sweet vanilla cream

Also my indoor garden is growing. I haven't posted any pics in a while. Daylight savings (i.e. less day more night :D ) are making my plants grow slower so I'm really into getting an extra light for them. Preferably LED? I've heard LED-light is UV-free. Will that effect my plants negative? Gotta do some research... Here are some pics of the current situation. I have planeted 5 batches of spinach so far and two batches of lettuce, thou I unfortunately killed the lettuce by drowning them. :(

STILL - I learned something from it. :)

eat this!

You are loved - always.

In divinve love and sound health
your friend

playful times tonight

Hi there dear friend

It's already October 17th. Time flies when life is fun... I have a lot of exciting things going on at the moment and I'll be sure to let you know about them. Thou tonight I have been playing... on www.yearbookyourself.com. Hilarious!!! Look at this and enjoy the show...

See you soon.

In divine love and sound health

What's happening to this world?


What's happening to this world? I have becomed absorbed watching a lot of documentaries lately... like the one in my last post (the Obama deception). And recently I stumbled accross a short clip on the Obama "nazi" health care reform. Why do I even care living roughly 7000 kilometers (or 45oo miles) away? Watch "Endgame" or "the Obama deception" and you'll know. All is related! Also watch "Zeitgeist: Addendum" and "Zeitgeist - the movie" and start to diconnect your thinking from the globalisation project.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

I will not go into what reasons the monetary rulers of this world have for bringing world domination about, and I do not agree with Alex Jones and all things said in his movies (endgame and obama deception; especially not on environmental care). What I agree on is that there is a global agenda for world control. For a lot of people this might be a good thing and for most it will be bad. And I believe things will happen rapidly within the upcomming 40-50 years. I have no solutions yet I believe the Zeitgeist solutions are a great step in the right direction, thou we have to be careful or a new (or adapted) elite will rise again to conquer humanity. I do not believe in centralisation on a global scale. I don't believe in authority. I believe in free giving, no money and humanity thru love and the understanding that everything is connected. I belive if we are to save this planet (without outside help, if it exists) we have to make new priorities and accept the value of things we take for granted today. Really, what is a designer made furniture compared to a true smile when you're feeling low? What is a 200 kvm/2000 sq ft house compared to a sunrise or sunset? What is a milion [your currency] on the bank compared to a true freind? Evaluate these questions imagining yourself lying on your deathbed... what is REALLY important to you? Will you enjoy having been the owner of a Salvador Dali painting or having spent time with your loved ones the most? Will you be more impressed by your ability to buy a new car every third year or by you helping that old lady across the street that one time (even thou you didn't really have the time because you where running late to an important business meeting)? Of course there is no right or wrong answer and I will surely not judge you if your answers oppose my answers. They are just as true as my answers. (My answers will be in the comment section.)

What else is new?
> My greens are growing, thou a bit slowly and thets probably due to shorter days... I have planted 4 settings (2 spinach, 1 roman lettuce and 1 crispy lettuce) so far. I also have a daughter (she's two) who loves digging with her hands and toys in our plants. So we've had some losses unfortunately.

> I got a bit of my super high raw lifestyle and have been eating a bit more unhealthy non-foods latley, falling back into some of my old habits. I feel I have no control and therefor consider myself an addict. I don't want to, but I cannot help myself. Most often it's just some snacks late in the evening, thou yesterday I made dinner for me and the kids and had about 25% of my plate with cooked food (3 potatoes and about 2 dl of mashed root vegetables and some fried onion). Afterwards I feel asleep in the couch around 6 pm and woke up at 4 am (than God Linda was home to put the kids to bed).

> We have had a lot of tomatoes from our plants thou the weather is getting a bit cold now. These last two night we've had mighty King Frost on visit making everything beautifly sparkling in the morning sun, thou it's devastating to plant life... including our unripe tomatoes. :(

> We also have been enjoying apples from a friend of mine. They where absolutely delicious! And very beautifly red.

wonderful spinach, lovely tomatoes and glorious apples

> Another excellent thing I have on the rise, is planning for the introduction of a new product line of raw foods for a well renown swedish supplement company. The main goal will be to make raw food more readily avalible in Sweden and at more affordable prices, as well as rising the awareness of what raw food is and how nutrition is related to health.

Now my son is awake and I will spend some time with him. Have a delightful day and take good care of yourself. Don't forget to laugh at least once...

In divine love and sound health
your friend

towards the light

there was only darkness
compact and wet

Then one day;
there was a streak of light
Expanding, pushing the wet dirt aside
Growing towards the light
Stretching, towards new heights

I saw the light of the sky
I smelled the soul of the soil
touched I looked even closer

And then;
the sprout turned to me
and with a smile said:

"Thank you for allowing me to grow.
Nourish me and give me water
and your reward will be tenfold."

sprouting lettuce

Anyway, my plants are growing. The lettuce I planted on Monday is now starting to push it's way thru the soil towards the light and the spinach planted almost two weeks ago is also growing.


Yesterday I got a deliverance of stock food, like nuts, seeds and some algee. So I made an outstanding arame salad with garlic and lemon. It was really tasty and energizing. It looked like this:

This is the simple recipe:

arame salad with garlic and nori
arame algee (I used the bowl I ate from to measure)
juice from ½ lemon
grated peel from ½ lemon
1 avocado
1 tbsp nori flakes
1 tbsp sunflower seeds
1 clove garlic
olive oil
herb salt

arame salad with garlic and nori

Soak the arame algees in water for at least ten minutes. Slice the avocado. Squeeze the garlig and mix with the olive oil, herb salt, lemon juice and grated lemon peel. Rinse the arame algees and transfer to a bowl. Mix with the avocado and the olive oil mixture, add nori flakes and perhaps some more herb salt. top with sunflower seeds. Enjoy the delight in serenity, eat with sticks if desired.

You are life, life is a blessing - YOU are a blessing.

In love and health

Your friend


a bite of today

How are you? I'm vibrating today. I just got back from a trip picking up some excellet stock foods. Hemp seeds, 10 kg of almonds, 10 kg of hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and much more, all organic and raw. Unfortunately the coconut oil I ordered wasn't delivered, so I'll just have to reorder that - soon.

raw and delicious inside the boxes
(and I always thought raw food was eating outside the box)

The true cause of the trip is kind of secret... so I cannot tell you - yet. I will when all is setteled. Thou I can tell you it's a great oppertunity for me to expand my knowledge and skills within the field of raw food as well as being a raw food advocate in Sweden.

I'm also very excited about a new project I'm launching with a marvellous raw friend (bums.nu). We're starting a new community in real life. A raw food cooking class and gathering. It's still under construction thou the first date is set. October 25 th will be the day. Starting at 11 am in Vadstena. Exact location is not determined yet. I'll have to get back to you on that. I will be so much fun.

Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day. I had lunch in the sunshine and was blessed with this grand dish. A very simple and still magnificent organic cabbage salad with avocado and fresh organic lima beans and a my recently posted apple/ginger dressing on top.

lunch salad, simple and grand

And for dinner I created the dish below for my family. It's a banana-tomato curry with carrot and lima beans on a bed of kale salad with coconut oil and avocado on the left. Right side of the plate is dominated by happy homegrown tomato slices (acctually we grow whole tomatoes and then slice them) with jerusalem artichoke/sunroot spiced with lemon and cinnamon and finally topped with some ginger/apple dressing.

"rice and curry!?"

Recently we've switched even more of our food from conventional to organic. And now most produce I eat is organic and that makes me feel really grateful. I feel so good about eating it and to serve my family healthy and healing food.

At the moment life seems extraordinary. I feel amazing. I feel love and gratitude. I feel divine. And remember; you are divine too.

In love and health
your friend

Delicious food and growing plants

Most welcome dear friend.

I trust this post finds you hale and healthy. This weekend I spend some time with my family. We went on our annual family reunion. We gather once a year and go by boat to and fro to Sassnitz, Germany from Trelleborg, Sweden. It was, as most years, a great trip and we always have a lot to talk about. I managed to get this beautiful dinner served (with a little help from myself). I got a really beautifly arranged salad and added my own curry sauce i brought along.
curry salad

My indoor garden is growing and yesterday I planted my second round of greens. I also planted paprika/pepper. Last week Linda planted some paprika/pepper as well and it now looks like this.


spinach 1 week
My spinach is growning and I'm all excited about it...
Yesterday evening I also made this apple/ginger delicious dressing/sauce. I have got a friend down the street who has these absolutely amazing red and sweet apples. With those as the base I came ut with this:
Apple/ginger dressing
2 sweet red apples (medium size)
1 glove garlic
2 cm3 ginger
1 dl rapeseed oil
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
1 slice of lemon with peel (make sure to use organic)
(Cube ingredients and) blend in a mixer untill smooth.
Aquí tiene!
In divine love and sound health
your friend


sprouting spinach

I'm so grateful and excited today... and happy happy happy!!! LOOK! My first round of spinach is starting to sprout.


I'm also harvesting the most beutiful and delicious plums now. Eating straight from the tree is a true gift from nature. And our tomatoes are ripening as well!!!

graceful harvest

One thing I'm really excited about is that my son, who normally don't eat tomatoes, just love these beauties. Thou I understand him. They taste like heaven - every time. They taste is sweet intense and fills my mouth with flavour. Even just writing about it makes my mouth water...

heavenly tomatoes
Talk soon!
In divine love and sound health

Sexistest woman 70 years and shrinking brains


You must take a look at this gorgeous woman, she absolutely awsome and belive it or not - 70 years young! What's her secret? Simpley put, positive attitude and fresh live vegan food! Isn't she something extra. This is Mimi Kirk:

For an interview with this extraordinary woman go to

Also today I read an interesting article on brain shrinkage at Natural News. It turns out that overweight people have 4% less brain tissue and obese people have a stunning 8% less brain tissue. The researchers stated that the brains of these groups showed a severe brain degeneration showing an increased ageing of 8 years among the overweight persons and a smashing 16 years among the obese persons. Bad diet and an increasing reliance on prosessed foods were cited as the primary cause of obesity.

Kim Evans, authour of the article, writes that "processed foods almost always contain man-made chemicals because they'd have an extremely limited shelf life without them. But chemicals in processed foods don't stop with just preservatives; they include chemicals for flavor and color, and even unlisted chemicals that fall under the artificial flavors label. Most processed foods also contain genetically altered materials these days, which just adds to the problem."

The authour also writes that "what is generally considered a healthy diet is comprised of lots of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains, and it contains far fewer chemicals. Ideally, it contains none."

For the full article go to

Eating a high raw organic diet have yet another proof to lean on. In my experience my mind got clearer and my thoughts and feelings have become more intense over these years I have been eating high raw. Also I have noticed foggyness in periods of less good eating. The challenge I took this summer - my 100 day ultimate health challenge - really made it clear to me what is good and useful for my body. Even thou I have struggled with severe emotional cleansing and disillusions about how I live my life (work and residence mostly) I know my brain is in much better shape at this point than just 3 month ago.

Thou I always wonder what came first; the chicken or the egg? Do persons with less brain tissue choose a bad diet or do they get less less brain tissue from their diet. I believe the article, thou the question is always interesting to ask, for it turns everything upside down. I bet you can find a lot of good places to use this question, even thou you know the answer it brings a new dimension to it.

In divine love and sound health
yours sincerely

1st greens planted!

Hello dear friend.

For you who have followed me on my last blog (http://uhc100.blogspot.com/) today was my first day after the Ultimate Health Challenge. I have felt great today, thank you. I have stayed about 99% raw with some spices as the exception (had raw tacos for dinner, it was absolutely delicious).

Yesterday I made room for my indoor plantation putting up some shelfes.

Today I have also planted my first round of greens - SPINACH!

I'm very exited to see the result in a few days when it's supposed to start growing. I plan on buying a strong light or at least find one in my garage. We might have a really strong light that's normally used outdoors when building. I few hour each night ought to do it. My partner just mentioned a bright idea; putting a flourocent lamp under every shelf - good light and low energy consumption. This is a very exciting project. I long to see the wall grow green. :) And I'm very happy Linda is involved and perhaps even more excited about it.

Today I also visited a newly found friend, a raw food fiend who lives not so far away from me. I was a delight to meet him and I thought we had very similar ideas for the future of local raw food in my living area.

I have to show you saomething else that I'm thrilled about. Our plum tree is really weighed down by it's fruit. And it's so delicious.

So today is a great day. For that I'm thankful.
I'm grateful for the engagement Linda shows for this project, for my funny kids, and my excellent food choises.
I love my family, myself and you.

In divine love and sound health