2011 is a magical year - in many ways. For me it's a special year for I will enhance the experience I created last year called råkostfestivalen (raw food festival) to new and exciting levels. This year me and my partners in this will hand you a new experience. It's greater, it's more solid and it's international. It is the RAW LIFE FESTIVAL.

The RAW LIFE FESTIVAL is a gathering for those interested in great health and a wonderful life for all. We will celebrate and learn new ways of vibrant living.

Our mission is to create for you to enjoy an abundance of raw gourmet foods, cutting edge health information, food preparation classes, yoga, dance, celebration and more..

RAW LIFE FESTIVAL is based on the idea that all of life is sacred, and that true health & happiness begins with a natural lifestyle - including diet, movement and rest. There is no set rule for how this might look for each individual, and we are constantly exploring new ground in our quest for personal and planetary health and happiness. The RAW LIFE FESTIVAL is open minded and hopefully so are you.

Join us for an adventure in wonderland at √Ąngsbacka this summer...

More information will be posted, and if you are eager to buy you spot NOW - go here!

Live Learn Laugh!

with love and passion