RAW FOOD FESTIVAL 2010 and more

Phew! Now I will take some time of and relax!

I just finished my greatest task for these last few weeks; to open the rÄkostfestivalen.se store and to start selling ticket for a Swedish raw food festival this summer. I have spent way to many hour working on this (not really) yet it's been so worth it. I'm pleased to say I made it! I have transformed and expanded my knowledge on making websites tremendously these last weeks and that makes me proud of being me. By no means I'm an expert, still I have grown from an infant to a toddler. I'm also happy (and proud) to bring this event to the Swedish raw food scene, which is growing rapidly in my opinion. I'm also very joyful for sharing this event with my friends Pierre and Katrin, who are everlasting wells of warmth and wise reflexions.

Since this has taken so much time I have been somewhat neglecting time with my family, so now I need and want to spend time with them. If anyone have fun, joyful, crazy of loving ideas of things to do to bond with family, I will be more than infinitely grateful if you care to share it with me.

Yet there will not be time to do nothing. I now have to focus on preparing a lecture on raw food I'll host at this health exhibition in four weeks. And I also have to start working on my project with Holistic, a well renowned natural supplement company in Sweden. They and I will embark on a raw food journey together bringing high quality, organic and (hopefully) fair trade raw foods to the Swedish market. And then there's some work with the festival as well, shipping tickets and preparing for the actual event. It sounds like a lot to do, yet I'd like to quote the words of Picasso:

"When I paint I relax, but when I do nothing or when I have receptions I get tired."

I really love these things I'm doing and they make me satisfied and relaxed. Thou I need to connect with myself, my mother (earth) and my father (sun) for at least 10-15 minutes every day to increase energy flow and most of all to balance my energies. Now I have to get back to "relaxation" again. ;)

Enjoy this day! Play like it's your last day, love like there was no tomorrow and learn as if you lived for eternity.

In love and health
for joy and truth
I love you
always be yourself!


How food industry makes you want their food

Reading a friends blog made me remember this old song with the phrase; yup, yup, yup! I googled the song and found it on youtube (of course). Watching the clip for the first time in many years I started laughing for it somehow reminded me of how the meat industry makes us want to eat their food. With a whole lot of fantasy; the hyenas are the masses, Pumpa the product and Timone the TV-commercial. While Timone is distracting the masses Simba and Nala (the corporate leaders) sneak behind our backs...

I dont know if it makes sence to you, but it made me laugh.

Enjoy the show! (lyrics below)

Luau! If you're hungry for hunk of fat and juicy meat,
Eat my buddie Pumbaa here cuz he is a treat! Come on down and dine, on a tasty swine,
all you gotta do is get in line. Are ya achin'?

(Pumbaa) Yup Yup Yup

(Timon) For some bacon?

(Pumbaa) Yup Yup Yup

(Timon) He's a big pig,

(Pumba) Yup Yup

(Timon) You can be a big pig too! Oy!........

BOTH: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In love and laughter

this man lost 43 kg in 3 month

What did he do?

Check this out! It's awsome!

In Love and Health