Building and living in harmony with nature

"We live in a materialistic culture that assumes that the planet we inhabit consists of dead matter. No one remembers that the word matter is derived from mater, mother."

I'm currently reading a book on sustainable and organic living. How to build and live in harmony with nature. It's a Swedish book and I don't know if it's been translated. It's called "På akacians villkor" (Living on conditions of the acacia would be my translation.) and the book is written by the late Marianne Fredriksson, who started her literary career in 1980 and soon became a beloved and respected writer in Sweden. She was also a great journalist who brought to light subjects that the press in Sweden at the time didn't write about. "På akacians villkor" is co-written with a very skilled architect and researcher who devoted his life to designing and erecting houses that would allow people to live in harmony with nature, Bengt Warne.

I just started to read the book and will for sure be obliged to return here with more wisdom from the book. Here is another one from the first chapter:

"Take a look at pollution. If people had a tuned in consciousness about their spiritual and physical dependency to nature we would not have done what we are doing to the air, water, animals and plants. Only he who have repressed the knowledge about the connections and relationships between all life on this planet, can bring about the world we live in."



This is perhaps a new beginning for me. A place to start the creation of a sustainable home and abundance of peace, harmony and food... I will give you one word for now that kind of sums up my thoughts and gives a clear view of where I'm going. Think...
with love and passion

yum-yum sea weed stew

for 1 person

40 g sea weeds(wakame, nori, dulse)
1 dl finely chopped broccoli

sauce ingredients
5-6 sun dried tomatoes (no salt added)
½ clove of garlic
½ cm ginger (ca 2 cm diameter)
juice and peel of 1 lemon
½-1 dl olive oil
1-2 tsk herb salt

way to go
Blend the sauce ingredients in a blender and stir down the broccoli with a spoon. Let the sauce sit for a couple of hours (or eat it right away). Soak the sea weeds and mix them into the stew. Eat and enjoy!

sorry... I couldn't help myself

Make two bowl and share the experience with someone special...

with love and passion