147 companies control everything

An article I found in the Swedish Magazine Dagens Etc. Translated with Google Translate.

Source: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

147 companies control everything

Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 23:00
How intertwined are the world's most powerful companies? How much do they really control? The frightening answer given in a single image.
When unions and parties on the left 100 years ago would scare each other and their members so they took sometimes the image of the huge new incumbents who ruled over politics and economics. Pictures of men with a round hat and a cigar in his mouth became the symbol of the real anonymous power behind it all. The octopus symbolized the major companies engaged in different countries. The image disappeared with increasing decades. Instead, they talked about the state and capital as equal forces which democracy ruled the former and economic rationalism that later.
The image of the companies as monopolies and cartels with a huge own power disappeared. But new research shows that the picture was probably more true and less naive than we thought. Today, when all Europe's policy is redirected in a direction where a financial market wants it, it's time to investigate corporate ownership and power again. And the result is more frightening than all the propaganda images. The picture looks like a work of art but is a model of the world's largest companies. The larger the dot, the larger companies. The interesting thing is the wires between the dots. The world's major companies namely hangs together.
There are no competing interests that control the world, but everything is a single giant network of joint boards, joint ownership and common interests. The major companies are simply a number of very small but the power of big special interests. 147 companies found to be the largest concentration of power we have. They control the world. But their actions are not governed by the policies or opinions openly discussed. It is controlled by a constant search for greater profits, and the continual defense of the power and the ownership they already have. If we add together the big companies we have the image of a single creature, a kind of entity. It shows how wrong it is to believe that there is a functioning market or even a competition. It's empty words in a world where few own all in company together.
The picture comes from a study developed by a Swiss research team led by S.Vitali at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It is not a political but a statistical survey. Researchers have looked at the 43 000 largest multinational companies in the world. Then we investigated how the ownership is. The companies that own and have control over others have been separated from the companies that are partners but lack control over others. Subsequently, the controlling companies' joint ownership has been established. More and more there grew a picture that shows that fewer and fewer large companies actually control most of the time. Just over 1 300 large companies found to be nearly 80 percent of the multinational economy. This means that the most powerful forces of ownership fits in a standard auditorium in a Swedish primary school. However, the study does not end there.
A special "super group" of 147 firms - 0.3 percent of the entire multinational enterprise - was found to control over 40 percent of sales among all companies, that is, a small group of 147 companies which are also strongly linked to each other in a network of ownership, control, in practice the power of companies and markets. And the only control available on these carriers is a control that they exert themselves through shared ownership. This is a picture of world capitalism as a small joint ownership effect. The point is that the very largest companies, those with the most integrated ownership between companies spheres are ... banks. Which means that any discussion of banks as something that "must be saved" more a case of banks have unlimited resources from their states as they actually are capitalism's true core.
147 boardroom with tight links between them. 20 of the most powerful companies are banks. Suddenly you understand why each bank rescued as quickly as possible, be returned to the private owners. Bourgeois media likes to write about the special interests. If unions raise wages, it is selfishness and interest that prevails. But the real s√§rintresset, the small group that actually owns the world, are never part of the story and never suffer any accusations about how the common benefit of their own power. Though it is perhaps those who constitute the real threat to all democracy. 

The companies that control most: • Barclays Plc (GB)• The Capital Group Companies Inc (U.S.) • FMR Corp. (U.S.) • AXA (FR) • State Street Corporation (U.S.) • JPMorgan Chase & Co..(U.S.) • Legal & General Group Plc (GB) • The Vanguard Group, Inc. (U.S.) • UBS AG (CH) • Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. (U.S.) • Wellington Management Co.. LLP (U.S.) • Deutsche Bank AG (DE) • Franklin Resources, Inc. (U.S.) • Credit Suisse Group (CH)• Walton Enterprises LLC (U.S.) • Bank of New York Mellon Corp.. (U.S.) • Natixis (FR) • The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (U.S.) • T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. (U.S.) • Legg Mason, Inc. (U.S.) • Morgan Stanley (U.S.) • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (JP) • Northern Trust Corporation (U.S.) • Societe Generale (FR) • Bank of America Corporation (U.S.) • Lloyd TSB Group PLC (GB) • Investo PLC (GB) • Allianz SE (DE) • TIAA (U.S.) • Old Mutual Public Limited Company (GB) • AVIVA PLC (GB) • Schroders PLC (GB) • Dodge & Cox (U.S.)• Sun Life Financial, Inc. (CA) • Standard Life PLC (GB) • CNCE (FR) • Nomura Holdings, Inc. (JP)• Ing Groep NV (NL) • Uncredito Italiano SPA (IT)• Vereniging Aegon (NL) • BNP Paribas (FR) • tthe Depostory Trust Company (U.S.) • Massachusetts Mutual Life Insur. (U.S.) • Brandes Investment Partners, LP (U.S.) • Deposit Insurance Corporation of JP (JP) • Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. (U.S.) • resonator Holdings, Inc. (JP) • Capital Group International, Inc. (U.S.) • China Petrochemical Group Co.. (CN) Source: Global Network of Corporate Control 

New exciting project!?

Hey beautiful!

An end is always a beginning of something new. I'm now ending a chapter of my life that have been a great struggle. And I begin fresh with a new start. I'm just starting up a new exciting project. It's a new flower springing.

This new start allows me to focus on a field that actually have drawn my attention and interest for the last 13 years. I have been working within the field partially professionally and definitely personally for the same period of time and this winter it has come clear to me I must make this a greater part of my life. 

So the question have arisen;
HOW? and what maybe for you...?
Well, let me start with the what. Ok?

I want to work with supporting and educating others. It makes me feel fulfilled and happy. So I have collected my knowledge from personal studies over a 13 year period, and a 32 year period of life experiences to create a format suitable to any one person. During this time I have also went thru a formal education in the field of NLP. The knowledge I have to share is gained and experienced over a period of years and the keys I have found to make my life more endurable, and to make me feel more alive and connected and happy and loving, is now being put down and clarified. And so, might assist you or anyone you believe needs this guidance. Now let's go to the how.

I have decided to give my knowledge and experience to you thru lectures, group sessions and private sessions. I work online as well as offline, face to face. And soon I'll have the web page up!

If you'd like to know more I'll keep you updated here, or if you are really eager - email me at pontusdna[a]gmail.com.

Take care
with love and passion

Where Is Your Prescription For Water?

Did you know...?

The surface of our home is slightly over 70% covered with water. Only 3% of all the water in the world is fresh water. And we, humans use over 50% of that fresh water.

It has also come to my awareness that pharmaceutical drugs have been found in all the worlds big oceans and in fish from all over the world. There is no more "safe" fish. It might still have benefits, yet all fish is contaminated with human "health" activity. I urge you to read KillerFish by Brian Clement as it hits the stores in October this year.

As an additional treat I may tell you that a large number of the major cities of the world do not take in fresh water to their water system, they only recycle the old, used water you drank and pied out yesterday... And of course a soda is not better. They use the same water as everyone else (plus a wide range of other more or less harmful substances)!

A good thing is that we still have time to restore nature as it have an remarkable way of cleaning up our mess, as long as we don't continue to make a mess wherever we go. Here are some tips;
* Stop using any drugs not absolutely necessary (including the ones your doctor pushes).
* Minimize the use of all energy sources in general and the use of all fossil fuels in particular.
* Don't throw anything that is not biodegradable in nature and minimize the use of such articles.
* Use less synthetic chemicals in general and less poisonous ones in particular.

We have the opportunity to make this place a living hell or a paradise on earth.
What do you choose?

Coffee in a box!

Coffee in a box, is that outside the box?

Coffee Squares (20-25)

½ dl sunflower seeds

½ dl white mulberry
4 tbsp cocoa powder, raw
(or 4 tbsp crushed cocoa block, raw)
3 tsp instant coffee
2 tsp vanilla powder
8 fresh dates
1 tbsp coconut oil

Add the dry ingredients in a food processor and pulse for a while so they are finely chopped. Core the dates and add, along with coconut oil. Blend until the dough becomes moldable enough to make balls. Roll the balls, flatten them and shape the small squares with an edge of 2-3 cm. Arrange beautifully on a plateand serve with a glass of nut milk or a cup of invigorating herbal tea.

with love and passion