United We Stand - is it time to choose?

Today I was captured by this video. It will show you a very powerful way (and easy so you can fit it into your daily life) to change the world as we know it. You and I have known this in our hearts forever I believe. United we stand, divided we fall. Now is the time to make a choice.

Real power is in serving others. The greatest leaders are those who are willing to serve others the most. Those who will create abundance, develop compassion and act for freedom by serving others will lead us to a new understanding and a new world. Serving is love, and that is the only true way to really help another being expand and manifest their true self.

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I love you
I always have, I always will
I love you
as I love myself, I love you
and I love you
for you and me, we are one
And we are love
and everything else
is just the fear of losing what is ours forever
eternal love

with love and passion