the right time is now

love is in your hands

The past month I have explored my inner self and the energies surrounding my being. I have made a deeper connection with myself. I have grounded myself and connected to mother (earth) and father (sun), as well as to myself (love). I feel very centered and relaxed in being me. It feels as if I have found my home, my center around witch I'm revolving. And as I'm finding my higher energies I seem to attract other love beings. For some reason the last month several new and old friends have revealed themselfs to be LOVE as well.

I know now love is always within me. I fear not lonelyness, rejection or betrayal. There is always love flowing freely, in abundance. I feel no more jealousy. I don't fear death (neihter mine nor beloved ones) for love is eternal. Love is vibrating energy and energy is eternal. Therefor we live eternally. This body may wither away, the energy of our beings is eternal. Whenever you think of anyone, they are there in your presence. You attract their energy.

If you read this, I attracted your energy. And you attracted mine.

Now is a good time to center yourself, clear out your demons and negative emotions. The upcoming years will be ruff for a lot of people. Different energies are moving the earth and it's energy fields. As the energies vibrate faster and faster things will be stirred up and emotions to. If you know who you are and are centered in your energy, connected to mother (the consciousness of planet earth) things can be handled from a whole different platform.

The right time is now... let you become who you are. You cannot find yourself in the clutter of society, you are always to be found in the energies moving you. I bet most things you do (even thou unconscious), you do to connect with others, or to earn their love. Either by being unique or thru creating connections in being alike. If this is you, you seek love. All humans do acctually. For humans are love. That's the core of life. Loving yourself and connecting with mother earth is reconnecting with your core, with your eternal being. You are love, give yourself the gift of being what you where created to be.

In Health and Love

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Miri Raw said...

Thank you for spreading the word of Love, you are truly amazing! <3