yum-yum sea weed stew

for 1 person

40 g sea weeds(wakame, nori, dulse)
1 dl finely chopped broccoli

sauce ingredients
5-6 sun dried tomatoes (no salt added)
½ clove of garlic
½ cm ginger (ca 2 cm diameter)
juice and peel of 1 lemon
½-1 dl olive oil
1-2 tsk herb salt

way to go
Blend the sauce ingredients in a blender and stir down the broccoli with a spoon. Let the sauce sit for a couple of hours (or eat it right away). Soak the sea weeds and mix them into the stew. Eat and enjoy!

sorry... I couldn't help myself

Make two bowl and share the experience with someone special...

with love and passion

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Tant Grön said...

Mums, va gott det lät :-) Jag har skaffat mig några försökskaniner som är lite intresserade av råkost, kanske skulle testa sea weed stew på dem, och mig ;-)