An unscientific alkaline contribution

"I lost weight without even trying, I felt brighter, had far more energy, my skin was brighter. Plus, you stop craving sugar because your blood-sugar levels are more balanced. Even the ridges in my nails have gone; it really did change the way I looked at food." says Natasha Corrett (chef and co-founder of Honestly Healthy)

Make your own study
There are no or very few large scientific studies made so far (that I know of). My suggestion is that you conduct your own very small and very striking study. Take 30 days of your life (if you live until your 80 that will be 0,1% of your lifetime) and go at least 70% alkaline. Be sure to note (on paper or not) how your feel before, during and after every meal. Also note how you feel two hours after your meals. Is that hard? Can you do that? Will you start today, without changing your diet, and answer the same question: How do I feel right now? 

Then when you feel ready, do the diet change for 30 days (0,1% of your expected lifespan). Keep asking the same question (How do I feel right now?) before, during and after every meal, plus two hours after your meals. You will note a stunning difference! Will you give 0,1% of your life to feel the differenceTo get you started, here are a few suggestions on what to eat and what to avoid.

Avocado; leafy green vegetables; sprouted beans, lentils and seeds; qinoua; green and white tea; fatty fish (thou might contain high levels of heavy metals and pesticides and is not very eco-friendly); most nuts; berries; lemons; tomatoes; watermelons; broccoli; spinach; kale; asparagus; beetroot; cauliflower; cucumber; peppers and paprika.

Red meat; wheat; cheese; cream and milk; coffee; alcohol; peanuts; cashew and pistachio nuts; seafood (excluding oily fish); biscuits; refined sugar; eggs, most refined and industry processed foods. 

Here you can find more extensive charts:

It is okay to have food from the acidic section. Just be moderate and counteract with more foods from the alkaline section. Give it a try! What do you have to loose, except some extra weight maybe?

What I have learnt from people all over the world, and that is also now being rooted within the medical society, is that inflammation is the mother of disease. A lot of that inflammation is caused by high acidity.

One of the pioneers on pH is Robert Young, who says: "I was doing research into the effect of diet and lifestyle on blood, and realized there was a correlation between what we were eating and how we were living, and how it impacted on the chemistry of the fluids of the body. The human body is alkaline by design, but all its functions produce acid. So our need for alkaline is constant and what we eat and drink helps to buffer the acids that we produce."

When will you start? 
Remeber it's only 0,1% of your expected life and you are free to abort at any time within the 30 days of after. Start with the question (How do I feel right now?), then go with the diet. Don't worry about having it right. Just add more of the alkaline foods and aim to reach 70%. One really easy way is to add salads to every meal and making the meal a side dish, then you don't even have to learn any new cooking. Also exchange you rice, potatoes and pasta for qinoua, lentils and sprouts.


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