Aren't we lucky?

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It just stroke me. Here in Sweden we are so lucky to have the Medical Products Agency (MPA, Läkemedelsverket). They are always there to look out for our safety and health. Aren't we lucky?

This is what they say on their homepage:

The Medical Products Agency (MPA) is the Swedish national authority responsible for regulation and surveillance of the development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs and other medicinal products. Our task is to ensure that both the individual patient and healthcare professionals have access to safe and effective medicinal products and that these are used in a rational and cost-effective manner. (my highlightning)

Isn't that just great! An agency that reallt look out for our safety. An agency that makes sure that the medicins we can buy here in Sweden are effective and safe. You gotta love them for that. And therefor it is so easy to forgive and forget their blunders...

Last year the agency pressed charges against a nutritional supplement company. This, according to the agency, because a nutritional supplement might have caused nine cases of liver failure, two where the patients actually died. The reason was that the agency found traces of nimesulid in two out of ten analysed samples of the supplement. Of course it is not good, since the supplement only should contain turmeic and fenylalanin. (Turmeric is said to have anti-inflammatory effects and is a great spice that actually protects the liver.)

The case is now closed due to lack of evidence. The company hired an attorney who made his own investigation. In his report he states that the two persons who died where heavily medicated with several drugs, some of which are known leading to liver failure.

Don't get me wrong on this. I really want supplements that are safe for the consumers. Only what's listed on the label shall be allowed to be inside the product, no matter if it's a supplement, drug or food product. I hold that to be the consumers right. Still I get all giggly when I read statements like the one below.

The cause of death of at least one of the patients was probably drug related (Ezetrol and Lipitor) according to the autopsy report. On the question why no charges where pressed against the drug companies (for Lipitor it's Pfizer) the MPA answers:
"Pharmaceutical drugs might kill you... It's worse with a nutritional supplement that people buy in good faith, that the point here."
This statement is totally logical, since no one buy their drugs in good faith. We all know we might end up dead taking pharmaceutical drugs, right?

If any of the pharmaceutical drugs caused the deaths - shouldn't they have been investigated?
"There are a lot of pharmaceutical drugs that kill people."
What? Let's read it again:

"There are a lot of pharmaceutical drugs that kill people."

Then it wouldn't be a criminal act?
"No, it never have been. If it would, there would not be one single pharmaceutical drug on the market."
What they are saying is;

pharmaceutical drugs kill people
and it is

Remember this the next time you swing buy your local drugstore. Your drugs might kill you or someone you love and NO ONE will be held responsible. 

Agian, I don't have anything agains the MPA. I think their work is invaluable. And they did the right thing to press charges agains the supplement company. What concerns me is the lack of responsibility from the pharmaceutical companies (yes, they do write that the drugs might have unwanted effects, so called side effects, so they do take some responsibility), agencies and from the government. Mostly from the government. People trust their government. People rely on them. If a drug is on the market we assume it's safe for us. And since the government controls the agencies they have a greater responsibility.

I know our government is doing the best they can. They want to make sure we all have work, education and health. I emphasis ALL, because focusing on everyone, one becomes a part of the mass and overlooked. I do have to ask myself; can we trust that our government act in the greatest interest of every single person? Do our governments act in the interest of making persons thrive? OR do they act from a perspective on how the population will survive? OR how they will enhance their chances to get elected next time?

The fact that the MPA states that pharmaceutical drugs kill people and that the makes are not responsible for that is a serious warning signal that sometimes other things than our personal safety comes first hand. I will not tell anyone to stop taking drugs. Nor will I tell anyone to distrust the government and it's agencies. I wont even tell you to look for yourself and get educated in your own health. That is a choice you have to make yourself. All I want to leave within you is a question.

How do you know that what you know is the truth?

with love and passion

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NewKidontheBlogg said...

Absolutely we, ourselves, need to monitor what goes into our body. Also the combinations of drugs taken with other drugs or drugs with alcohol can be deadly as well.

It just struck me--is the MPA doing anything about unsafe fish? Maybe that is another authority or a subject for another post.