iceberry cake

Yesterday I treated my friend at work with this delight! I came up with the recipe early in the morning when I acctually was doing my food for the day... this is it

2,5 dl of amazing Almonds
1 dl wonderful Walnuts
7-8 delightful Dates (medjool)
½ tbsp Ground very tasty vanilla bean
1 tsp Ground cozy cinnamon
2 pinches (1 ml) Ground crazy cardamon

Put everything in a food processor and spin until even. Place in a spring form (about 20 cm diameter) and press into a flat crust. Put in fridge while you do the iceberry cream.

Iceberry cream
2 really soft and marvelous Mangos
12 supernutritious strawberries
1 tbsp cheerful coconut oil

Add mangos, 8 strawberries and coconut oil in a blender and swirl until absolutely smooth. Chop the remaining 4 strawberries and turn them down with a spoon. Pour the cream over the crust and put in the freezer for at least 4 hours. If kept in the freezer over night take it out a few hours ahead and put in the fridge.

4 sunpowered strawberries

Before serving, slice the strawberries and decorate your cake.

Pretty Plates
Sparkling Spoons
Awoken Awareness
Someone Special

Take a suitable peace and put on the plate, grab a spoon of your choice.  Hold hands, close your eyes. Feel the presence. Feel love surrounding you as it flows thru the space. Feel it filling any empty space inside you. Become one with the love. Now open your eyes and dig into the immensely irresitable iceberry cake you have created! Enjoy living, enjoy loving, enjoy laughing. They will make you rich!

Have an even greater day!

with love and passion

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NewKidontheBlogg said...

Why I would love some, thank you. Love your descriptive recipe.