David Jubb visiting Sweden!

Thanks to my friend, a true source of inspiration, Eton Williams, dr. David Jubb came to visit Norway in June. They had a marvelous time and learned a lot. NOW I have the opportunity and pleasure of being the host of dr. David Jubb in Sweden.

Together with my dear friends and partners Mikael Boström and Catherine Hirota we will arrange a series of lectures and food preparation classes in Stockholm between 19th and 24th of July. If you are in the hood and feel like outrageous learning, and get massive inspiration on how to get healthy? JOIN us!

You can register here:

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Inbetween loads of work and relaxing leasure time I have managed to celebrate my daughters 4th birthday! We went to an amusement park in Gothenburg and had great fun. My son, who have been somewhat afraid of most rides collected courage and even got himself riding the Lisebergsbanan.

Now back to WORK!

with love and passion

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