Irradiated foods are safe?

If irradiation is truly dangerous, wouldn't there have to be hard evidence available somewhere that proves it? 
    In approving food irradiation, the FDA started with 441 studies. They accepted 226 for further review, but then narrowed their criteria and selected only sixty-nine for in-depth review. Of these, the FDA itself reported that thirty-two showed adverse effects and thirty-seven studies showed safety problems. Then, without explanation, they eliminated all but five studies (including every negative study) and said they would base their decision on those five studies alone.

    These are the results of three of the excluded studies:
    • In the FDA's final report approving food irradiation, they stated that when up to 35 percent of the laboratory animal's diet was irradiated, feeding studies had to be terminated because of "premature mortality or morbidity."
    • At the University of Illinois, the Department of Medicine fed irradiated food to mice and 17 percent of the animals had to be killed or died, due to respiratory problems so severe they couldn't even move around their cages.
    • Researchers at the Medical College of Virginia fed rats with irradiated beef. All the male rats died of hemorrhagic syndrome within thirty-four days.

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