Where Is Your Prescription For Water?

Did you know...?

The surface of our home is slightly over 70% covered with water. Only 3% of all the water in the world is fresh water. And we, humans use over 50% of that fresh water.

It has also come to my awareness that pharmaceutical drugs have been found in all the worlds big oceans and in fish from all over the world. There is no more "safe" fish. It might still have benefits, yet all fish is contaminated with human "health" activity. I urge you to read KillerFish by Brian Clement as it hits the stores in October this year.

As an additional treat I may tell you that a large number of the major cities of the world do not take in fresh water to their water system, they only recycle the old, used water you drank and pied out yesterday... And of course a soda is not better. They use the same water as everyone else (plus a wide range of other more or less harmful substances)!

A good thing is that we still have time to restore nature as it have an remarkable way of cleaning up our mess, as long as we don't continue to make a mess wherever we go. Here are some tips;
* Stop using any drugs not absolutely necessary (including the ones your doctor pushes).
* Minimize the use of all energy sources in general and the use of all fossil fuels in particular.
* Don't throw anything that is not biodegradable in nature and minimize the use of such articles.
* Use less synthetic chemicals in general and less poisonous ones in particular.

We have the opportunity to make this place a living hell or a paradise on earth.
What do you choose?

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