New exciting project!?

Hey beautiful!

An end is always a beginning of something new. I'm now ending a chapter of my life that have been a great struggle. And I begin fresh with a new start. I'm just starting up a new exciting project. It's a new flower springing.

This new start allows me to focus on a field that actually have drawn my attention and interest for the last 13 years. I have been working within the field partially professionally and definitely personally for the same period of time and this winter it has come clear to me I must make this a greater part of my life. 

So the question have arisen;
HOW? and what maybe for you...?
Well, let me start with the what. Ok?

I want to work with supporting and educating others. It makes me feel fulfilled and happy. So I have collected my knowledge from personal studies over a 13 year period, and a 32 year period of life experiences to create a format suitable to any one person. During this time I have also went thru a formal education in the field of NLP. The knowledge I have to share is gained and experienced over a period of years and the keys I have found to make my life more endurable, and to make me feel more alive and connected and happy and loving, is now being put down and clarified. And so, might assist you or anyone you believe needs this guidance. Now let's go to the how.

I have decided to give my knowledge and experience to you thru lectures, group sessions and private sessions. I work online as well as offline, face to face. And soon I'll have the web page up!

If you'd like to know more I'll keep you updated here, or if you are really eager - email me at pontusdna[a]

Take care
with love and passion

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