a bite of today

How are you? I'm vibrating today. I just got back from a trip picking up some excellet stock foods. Hemp seeds, 10 kg of almonds, 10 kg of hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and much more, all organic and raw. Unfortunately the coconut oil I ordered wasn't delivered, so I'll just have to reorder that - soon.

raw and delicious inside the boxes
(and I always thought raw food was eating outside the box)

The true cause of the trip is kind of secret... so I cannot tell you - yet. I will when all is setteled. Thou I can tell you it's a great oppertunity for me to expand my knowledge and skills within the field of raw food as well as being a raw food advocate in Sweden.

I'm also very excited about a new project I'm launching with a marvellous raw friend (bums.nu). We're starting a new community in real life. A raw food cooking class and gathering. It's still under construction thou the first date is set. October 25 th will be the day. Starting at 11 am in Vadstena. Exact location is not determined yet. I'll have to get back to you on that. I will be so much fun.

Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day. I had lunch in the sunshine and was blessed with this grand dish. A very simple and still magnificent organic cabbage salad with avocado and fresh organic lima beans and a my recently posted apple/ginger dressing on top.

lunch salad, simple and grand

And for dinner I created the dish below for my family. It's a banana-tomato curry with carrot and lima beans on a bed of kale salad with coconut oil and avocado on the left. Right side of the plate is dominated by happy homegrown tomato slices (acctually we grow whole tomatoes and then slice them) with jerusalem artichoke/sunroot spiced with lemon and cinnamon and finally topped with some ginger/apple dressing.

"rice and curry!?"

Recently we've switched even more of our food from conventional to organic. And now most produce I eat is organic and that makes me feel really grateful. I feel so good about eating it and to serve my family healthy and healing food.

At the moment life seems extraordinary. I feel amazing. I feel love and gratitude. I feel divine. And remember; you are divine too.

In love and health
your friend

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