sprouting spinach

I'm so grateful and excited today... and happy happy happy!!! LOOK! My first round of spinach is starting to sprout.


I'm also harvesting the most beutiful and delicious plums now. Eating straight from the tree is a true gift from nature. And our tomatoes are ripening as well!!!

graceful harvest

One thing I'm really excited about is that my son, who normally don't eat tomatoes, just love these beauties. Thou I understand him. They taste like heaven - every time. They taste is sweet intense and fills my mouth with flavour. Even just writing about it makes my mouth water...

heavenly tomatoes
Talk soon!
In divine love and sound health

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Kire said...

HI Pontus! Looks really great with your planting! We don't have a bright garage but still some tomato plants outside that will give us tomatoes throughout september. Will be cool to harvest spinach when it's snowy outside!