Delicious food and growing plants

Most welcome dear friend.

I trust this post finds you hale and healthy. This weekend I spend some time with my family. We went on our annual family reunion. We gather once a year and go by boat to and fro to Sassnitz, Germany from Trelleborg, Sweden. It was, as most years, a great trip and we always have a lot to talk about. I managed to get this beautiful dinner served (with a little help from myself). I got a really beautifly arranged salad and added my own curry sauce i brought along.
curry salad

My indoor garden is growing and yesterday I planted my second round of greens. I also planted paprika/pepper. Last week Linda planted some paprika/pepper as well and it now looks like this.


spinach 1 week
My spinach is growning and I'm all excited about it...
Yesterday evening I also made this apple/ginger delicious dressing/sauce. I have got a friend down the street who has these absolutely amazing red and sweet apples. With those as the base I came ut with this:
Apple/ginger dressing
2 sweet red apples (medium size)
1 glove garlic
2 cm3 ginger
1 dl rapeseed oil
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
1 slice of lemon with peel (make sure to use organic)
(Cube ingredients and) blend in a mixer untill smooth.
AquĆ­ tiene!
In divine love and sound health
your friend

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