Sexistest woman 70 years and shrinking brains


You must take a look at this gorgeous woman, she absolutely awsome and belive it or not - 70 years young! What's her secret? Simpley put, positive attitude and fresh live vegan food! Isn't she something extra. This is Mimi Kirk:

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Also today I read an interesting article on brain shrinkage at Natural News. It turns out that overweight people have 4% less brain tissue and obese people have a stunning 8% less brain tissue. The researchers stated that the brains of these groups showed a severe brain degeneration showing an increased ageing of 8 years among the overweight persons and a smashing 16 years among the obese persons. Bad diet and an increasing reliance on prosessed foods were cited as the primary cause of obesity.

Kim Evans, authour of the article, writes that "processed foods almost always contain man-made chemicals because they'd have an extremely limited shelf life without them. But chemicals in processed foods don't stop with just preservatives; they include chemicals for flavor and color, and even unlisted chemicals that fall under the artificial flavors label. Most processed foods also contain genetically altered materials these days, which just adds to the problem."

The authour also writes that "what is generally considered a healthy diet is comprised of lots of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains, and it contains far fewer chemicals. Ideally, it contains none."

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Eating a high raw organic diet have yet another proof to lean on. In my experience my mind got clearer and my thoughts and feelings have become more intense over these years I have been eating high raw. Also I have noticed foggyness in periods of less good eating. The challenge I took this summer - my 100 day ultimate health challenge - really made it clear to me what is good and useful for my body. Even thou I have struggled with severe emotional cleansing and disillusions about how I live my life (work and residence mostly) I know my brain is in much better shape at this point than just 3 month ago.

Thou I always wonder what came first; the chicken or the egg? Do persons with less brain tissue choose a bad diet or do they get less less brain tissue from their diet. I believe the article, thou the question is always interesting to ask, for it turns everything upside down. I bet you can find a lot of good places to use this question, even thou you know the answer it brings a new dimension to it.

In divine love and sound health
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